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Building Incredible Teams in the Future of Work

A practical guide to creating teams that survive and thrive through change.

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Building Incredible Teams in the Future of Work

Uncertainty is inevitable in the new world of work. In the face of ongoing change, will we see our people running for the exits, or will they be there to support and help each other? Change is happening faster than ever before and building unwavering teams that are resilient, ultra-collaborative, and even excited about that change has never been more important. But how do we build unwavering teams? Trust, empathy, and ongoing experimentation.

Workplace culture and leadership expert Eric Termuende has spent nearly a decade decoding exactly what creates unwavering teams: those that are resilient, rooted in belonging, and have a deep sense of safety and inclusivity. These are the types of teams that thrive through change because they know that while change may be difficult, the only thing worse is standing still. Eric has created a playbook for cultivating unwavering teams, and in this session, attendees will both learn it and be able to take it home with them.


By discovering how to enhance collaboration, developing excitement for all of the possibilities experimentation yield, and deciphering the root of trust across a team, attendees will come away from this session understanding how to become the incredible leader who inspire their teams to perform at their best and stand strong through anything the future may hold.

What audiences come away with:

Deep knowledge about the root of collaboration and how to enhance it across the team
how to enhance excitement about change and how to involve the whole team in the process
Why the future is something to be excited about, not scared of
Research-backed insights trust, psychological safety, and belonging at work
The most important question to ask to get engagement and buy-in


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