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Bring People Together,
No Matter Where They Are

Building a more intentional culture that thrives in the future of work, wherever that future takes place. Learn the practical steps to creating and leading teams that thrive through uncertainty with our virtual keynotes.

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Pairing small-town roots with worldwide experience, Eric’s refreshing, down-to-earth message helps leaders build incredible teams.


The energy and excitement of Eric’s live presentations come through in his state-of-the-art virtual keynotes. Attendees will leave with immediate, actionable, budget-free steps to build resilient teams.

All virtual keynotes include:

  • free, downloadable worksheets
  • opportunity to contribute to interactive sessions
  • review documents for the audience
  • lengths can be customized to your needs (from 20-minutes to 60-minutes.


Blueprint to the Future

Leading in a New World of Work

  • Practical strategies to boost trust, resilience, and camaraderie
  • Research-backed insights on building team agility and excitement toward impending change
  • An understanding of how to harness the power of one-degree shifts
  • Methods for finding and reducing friction within teams
  • Actionable steps to cultivate a culture of experimentation, risk free
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Snowflakes and Fingerprints

How to Attract Top Talent in the Future of Work.

  • Actionable ways to create and share a unique, sticky, and impactful employee value proposition 
  • An understanding of why creating a ‘best’ place to work might not mean what you think it does (and what licorice, cilantro, and pineapple pizza has to do with it) 
  • Key strategies for leveraging your best recruiters (your existing team) 
  • Knowledge of where culture lives, and how to adapt your story based on the team/location you’re hiring for
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Generation All

How to Build and Lead Multigenerational Teams:

  • Actionable ways to improve engagement and alignment across all generations in the workplace
  • Knowledge of the differences and similarities across generations as employees and teammates 
  • An understanding of the role of company purpose, and why it is secondary to workplace experience
  • Strategies for leading different generations 
  • The skills needed to promote idea sharing, creativity, and inclusivity across generations
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Building Incredible Teams in the Future of Work

  • Deep knowledge about the root of collaboration and how to enhance it across the team
  • Research-backed insights trust, psychological safety, and belonging at work
  • How to enhance excitement about change and how to involve the whole team in the process
  • The most important question to ask to get engagement and buy-in
  • Why the future is something to be excited about, not scared of
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Leadership and AI

Building High-Performing Teams in the New World of Work:

  • What AI really is, how it is changing the world of work, and what to watch out for
  • How to build trust on their team when change appears to be constant
  • 3 tips to boost engagement, remove friction, and navigate uncertainty
  • Why AI is a tool and not a threat
  • Strategies to boost camaraderie and experimentation across teams
  • The ethics of AI and what we truly need to know
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