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AI and Leadership

Building High-performing Teams in the New World of Work

The future is here: How to lead in an AI-dominated world.

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Building High-performing Teams in the New World of Work

Weaving its way into nearly every conversation from the boardroom to the dinner table, we talk about AI like we talk about any news story of the day. AI though, isn’t just a news story, nor is it a flash-in-the-pan, it is a revolutionary technology that is turning the page and starting a brand-new chapter in the world of work and leadership.

Today, leaders of category-leading companies, associations, and non-profits need to not only understand what AI truly is, they’ll also need to know how it will change the world of work in the years to come, and how the foundations of building trust, belonging, and connection haven’t changed one bit. The very best leaders don’t just know what AI is, they know how to build high-performing teams as AI continues to invade the workplace. AI isn’t just about technology and tools; it is about change like we’ve never seen before and leaders need to know exactly what to do about it. Eric will show them the way.


In this insightful, actionable, and eye-opening keynote, leaders will understand specifically how to build resilient, trusting, and engaged teams both because of and despite AI in a world that is changing faster than we’ll ever understand. While AI won’t replace us, the leaders that understand AI and know what to do about it most certainly will. In this keynote, Eric Termuende will teach exactly how to be a better leader in a world dominated by AI.

What audiences come away with:

What AI really is, how it is changing the world of work, and what to watch out for
3 tips to boost engagement remove friction, and navigate uncertainty
How to build trust on their team when change appears to be constant
Strategies to boost
camaraderie and
experimentation across teams
Why AI is a tool and not a threat
The ethics of AI and what we truly need to know


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