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Eric Termuende
Prepares Leaders For an Uncertain Future

See why Eric’s keynotes have inspired hundreds of category-leading companies, from Amazon to Zoom.

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Blueprint to the Future

Leading in a New World of Work

  • Practical strategies to boost trust, resilience, and camaraderie
  • Research-backed insights on building team agility and excitement toward impending change
  • An understanding of how to harness the power of one-degree shifts
  • Methods for finding and reducing friction within teams
  • Actionable steps to cultivate a culture of experimentation, risk free
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Snowflakes and Fingerprints

How to Attract Top Talent in the Future of Work.

  • Actionable ways to create and share a unique, sticky, and impactful employee value proposition 
  • An understanding of why creating a ‘best’ place to work might not mean what you think it does (and what licorice, cilantro, and pineapple pizza has to do with it) 
  • Key strategies for leveraging your best recruiters (your existing team) 
  • Knowledge of where culture lives, and how to adapt your story based on the team/location you’re hiring for
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Generation All

How to Build and Lead Multigenerational Teams:

  • Actionable ways to improve engagement and alignment across all generations in the workplace
  • Knowledge of the differences and similarities across generations as employees and teammates 
  • An understanding of the role of company purpose, and why it is secondary to workplace experience
  • Strategies for leading different generations 
  • The skills needed to promote idea sharing, creativity, and inclusivity across generations
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Building Incredible Teams in the Future of Work

  • Deep knowledge about the root of collaboration and how to enhance it across the team
  • Research-backed insights trust, psychological safety, and belonging at work
  • How to enhance excitement about change and how to involve the whole team in the process
  • The most important question to ask to get engagement and buy-in
  • Why the future is something to be excited about, not scared of
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Leadership and AI

Building High-Performing Teams in the New World of Work:

  • What AI really is, how it is changing the world of work, and what to watch out for
  • How to build trust on their team when change appears to be constant
  • 3 tips to boost engagement, remove friction, and navigate uncertainty
  • Why AI is a tool and not a threat
  • Strategies to boost camaraderie and experimentation across teams
  • The ethics of AI and what we truly need to know
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Audiences leave each of Eric’s action-packed keynote presentations feeling energized and refreshed with
immediate, actionable, budget-free takeaways to help them build stronger, more resilient teams.

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